Grilled Sockeye on a Cedar Plank

Discussion in 'Fish' started by DaveOmak, Oct 14, 2012.

  1. DaveOmak

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    Morning all..... Last night was grilling sockeye time.... The skipper I worked for in S.E. Alaska, brought bride her favorite fish... Thin layer of salt and white pepper put on the fish... A compound butter melted and spread over it and sliced shallots top it off..... In the butter was garlic and green onions....
    Cooking this fish took forever (45 min)..... The plank kept the heat away from the underside of the fish... the cedar popped and cracked while cooking.... I think that was the oils in the wood exploding.... The cedar smoke was predominant while cooking.... smelled good....
    This was my first cedar plank cook... I have cooked many fish before and this is my last plank cook.... Either the cedar overpowered the sockeye flavor or I don't know what happened.... Something was wrong and the finished product was not even close to being great....
    Sorry about the finished pic.... I kept taking pics and they all came out fuzzy... just as well cause the fish looked really good and tasted bad..... Dave

    Before.jpg Money.jpg
  2. Brian

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    Looks great Dave. That sucks that it tasted bad. What will you try different next time?
  3. DaveOmak

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    I'm going back to aluminum foil, double layered under the fish, to evenly heat it from both sides for a gentle, even cook.... It is difficult to get fish done to 135 ish without overcooking.... That takes my full attention, constant mommying, and years of experience.... The cedar planks were a gift some time back and bride suggested we try them.... Good try... constant attention.. poor ending is all.... And I love Alaskan fresh caught sockeye too...
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    looks good Dave I have always wondered if the cedar planks would be over powering

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