I finally found another deal!

Discussion in 'Grilling with Charcoal' started by Case, Nov 10, 2017.

  1. Case

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    9EA4F5B5-B63F-46E6-9574-47EECA0DAEF2.jpeg 6A5BA82B-ED11-470B-BC10-25B589766DEE.jpeg I’m going to post few photos in this forum. But all my cook photos on this grill are going to be in the cast iron grilling section.

    Found this gem in the Facebook market place. Guy wanted $70. I paid $40...

    Used once. Too much work and not into bbq...
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  2. p.z.

    p.z. Member

    Sure looks cool - I had no idea Lodge made any kind of charcoal cooker - looks like it is heavy.
  3. Case

    Case Member

    Weighs 32 pounds! Definitely not going to blow away!
  4. Case

    Case Member

    Inaugural firing tonight!
  5. p.z.

    p.z. Member

    Don't forget pics!
  6. Case

    Case Member

  7. Brian

    Brian Jack of all grills and master of none. Staff Member

    You stole that thing from him. Great find and buy.

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