Lodge buttermilk and Frank wings.

Discussion in 'Grilling with Cast Iron' started by Case, Nov 19, 2017.

  1. Case

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    50B111C5-141B-4FDC-B5BB-CE0C3C7E22C4.jpeg A54C154A-C7A1-4DFB-AB0C-3C20BB806DBB.jpeg

    Firing up the lodge sportsman tonight for the first go. Have wings marinating in buttermilk and Frank’s.

    Will be using Pok Pok Thaan charcoal.
  2. Case

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    3D86D477-C376-401C-8477-3FED0F5189A5.jpeg 0A804C91-4C62-4797-8242-FD32069BE7C8.jpeg 2996059C-27C0-4BE0-999D-C34938A43A17.jpeg A2D2E66F-3F02-432A-B735-1284747E28F9.jpeg A64820BD-994E-4CBD-8F1A-77ADA2488355.jpeg FCC0F3A1-1BF0-480E-BB67-449BD0BFD66C.jpeg D4ABBC97-7D14-4BA5-8676-AB18EB91F34F.jpeg
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  3. p.z.

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    Looks mouth-watering good!
  4. Brian

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    I love the lodge you got. The food looks fab as well.
  5. coyote1

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    looks good

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