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Discussion in 'Searing' started by Brian, Oct 31, 2011.

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    Nice steaks Brian but the best is one that looks alot like that but it's in front of me at the table.
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    Here's a 27oz T-Bone I had Sunday, I have to admit I slow cooked it on my smoker then put it on my gas grill at 500* for a minute on each side, I could never have done it without my grill:

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    OK the perfect steak... Here we go (my opinion anyway).

    Buy a good porterhouse, well marbled with fat. not like loads of fat, just well threaded throughout. Make sure it is cut 1 to 1 1/4 inch thick. do not freeze it from the market. when you are about ready to cook, take it from the fridge and put kosher salt and cracked black pepper on both sides to taste. its important it is the Kosher rough grind salt, not table salt and cracked pepper, not a shaker. leave it sit out for 45 min to warm to room temp. warm the grill to 600-700 degrees. this is important as it seals the juices in. cook about two minutes, flip, two minutes, flip with a quarter turn, two minutes and flip. pay attention it does not burn up! the well marbled pieces will flame up which is ok but not like a bonfire! this should get you a medium rare or so steak. I also use the touch method to determine doneness.... the firmer it is, the more done. you might try a thermometer but be careful, every hole you poke in it, you lose juices. when i cut mine after i let it rest 5 min or so, i get a plate of delicious juice and the most tender meat you can get. I would bet the first time you might get worried and end up with a rare steak. That is ok too!

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