Smoked corned beef hash browns

Discussion in 'Breakfast' started by p.z., Oct 3, 2017.

  1. p.z.

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    Well, actually pastrami. I like to cook corned beef packers on the pellet cooker (using fruit wood pellets). The resulting "pastrami" is used for many meals including Reubens, smoky, chili, "burnt ends", and even breakfast.

    Cubed up, the point is perfect for hash browns, this time cooked on the gas grill using an iron griddle


    Just about ready to come off the griddle


    The final plate pastrami hash browns topped with an over easy egg.

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  2. Brian

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    I just had dinner and you made me hungry again. Very nice job.
  3. Bearcarver

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    Aw Man, Does that ever look good !!!
    Freaking Awesome!!:)
    All I had was two eggs & toast.

  4. Case

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    Man that looks great! I could use some of that right now!
  5. p.z.

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    Thanks for the comments gents, and thanks for the Like, Bear!

    However, eggs and toast is also one of my favorite simple breakfasts

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