Super Bowl App with a Ribeye Steak

Discussion in 'Beef' started by Brian, Feb 5, 2017.

  1. Brian

    Brian Jack of all grills and master of none. Staff Member

    So I have done Philly Cheese Steak Egg rolls before but normally I slice the steak then cook it all in the skillet.

    This time I took a beautiful Ribeye and seasoned with my rub then grilled it up.


    While I let that cool down to room temp I grilled up a sliced onion and red bell pepper. I used smoked salt and honey butter to saute the veggies.


    Then I put a piece of provolone on the center of a egg roll wrapper. Then added the filling and wrapped. Sorry no picture of this process.

    Then I fried in Rice Oil. I was at Cash and Carry and the clerk told me about this oil. Has a smoke point of 490 degrees and doesn't have the house smelling like veg or peanut oil.

    I had the fryer a little hotter than needed 370. Here is the test subject coming out.


    And here it is ready for the tasting.


    So the verdict is that grilling the steak before hand added a ton of flavor to it.

    Also with the wrappers I had left I wrapped 2 string cheeses up in each one to make Mozzarella sticks. Sorry I dont have this pictured right now.

    I would recommend anyone to try this for game day.
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  2. Brian

    Brian Jack of all grills and master of none. Staff Member


    So from Left to Right we have Mozzarella Cheese, Then Pork, Then Philly Cheese Steak Egg rolls. The sauces on the left are BBQ in the back and Marinara in the front. The ones on the right are Sweet Chili in the back. Teriyaki soy in the middle. And Sweet and Sour in the front.
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  3. kentatas

    kentatas New Member

    Hi Brian. It seems to be that the images are not working well. Can you use to upload images? Thanks.
  4. c farmer

    c farmer Administrator Staff Member

    Stupid photobucket.
  5. p.z.

    p.z. Member

    Indeed; Photobucket has given in to corporate greed. They will allow 3rd party hosting, but you have to pay dearly for the privilege.
  6. Brian

    Brian Jack of all grills and master of none. Staff Member

    Yup. They get you using it and dependent and think they can shove it to you. Thankful there is the work around until I can get the pictures reuploaded another way.
  7. Bearcarver

    Bearcarver Member

    I can't see them lasting unless they change their new rules.

    $400 a year is ridiculous, except maybe for a few big business types.

    If they made it reasonable, they could keep a lot of the Peeps who don't want to start all over, but they may have to lose most of their clients to realize that.

    They have about 3,000 of my Pics at the present time.

  8. p.z.

    p.z. Member

    Unfortunately there are no guarantees for any place we post pics. As an example, is evidently not coming back, and all those pictures are gone. I use Google photos, and although they will not go out of business any time soon, there is no guarantee that they will not go down the same road as Photobucket. They are making it increasingly difficult to post 3rd party hosting. I can still make it work, but I suspect that they will some day realize that there is a loophole.

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