Za Night!

Discussion in 'Grilling with Gas' started by Case, Oct 20, 2017.

  1. Case

    Case Member

    IMG_7926.JPG One of our favorites cooked on the gasser.

    Homemade marinara, heavy on the sauce. Little cheese, spinach, black olives, bay shrimp. Sliced tomato will go on fresh. Damn good!
  2. p.z.

    p.z. Member

    Dang that looks good Case! We like to think of pizza crust as a blank canvas on which you put anything you normally like. How do you prefer your crust - crispy or soft and how does it turn out on your grill?
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  3. Case

    Case Member

    Kind of depends upon the toppings. Sometimes I like it crisp but usually I like it puffy and soft. The gasser does a good job but not as good as the mini-za does.
  4. Brian

    Brian Jack of all grills and master of none. Staff Member

    I love pizza on the grill. Beautiful job on this one.

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